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disinflation/[͵disin'fleiʃən]/ n。 反通货膨胀 。。。


高级口译教程 第二版 梅德明编著 由上海外语音像出版社录制出版


An advanced course of interpretation second edition

Part two unite 1 Reception

Text for interpretation

Passage 1 chinese-english interpretation

Text interpreting listen to the tape and interpretate the following passage from chinese into english.


Passage two english-chinese interpretation

Test interpreting

Listen to the tape and interpretate the following passage from english into chinese.

Hello, I am Robert Brown, from Stanford University. I am very happy to meet you here in this land of wonder. I’ve been looking forward to visiting your great country and I feel very honored and pleased that I’ll be working with my chinese colleagues in the headoffice of your automobile group. As you know, this is my very first visit to china and I am here to witness with my own eyes the magical power of the once very remote oriental dragon. You can imagin how excited I was when I received your invitation to join you in your projects. Back in my college days, a professor of oriental civilization introduced me to the wealth of Confucianism and Taoism. By doing that, he planted in the depth of my mind the inexplicable china dream and now I am even more excited that I have set my foot on the beautiful land of china. I’ve had my china dream for years and I am here to realize this dream. Just think this charming cosmopolitan city is going to be my home for the remaining days of the year. There is so much to learn about this mysterious country, from the ancient civilization to the current reform. I am really looking forward to my chinese life . I will work closely with my chinese colleagues on our research projects, through which I believe I will realize my china dream in the most rewarding direction.

Extra Text for practice

Text 1 chinese-english interpretation

Listen to the tape and interpretate the following passage from chinese into english.

对不起,您一定是来自联盟传播服务局的大卫•理查德先生吧? 我叫魏琴,是上海国际文化交流中心的代理主任。这是我的名片。自从我们收到您来访日期的电子邮件后便一直期待着您的到来。根据您的要求,我们为您预订了我中心东楼的“明寓”客房。“明寓”从设计到装潢都体现了中国明朝的建筑风格,我相信您一定会喜欢这套古典式房间。 理查德先生,我们的“信息高速公路与传播服务学术讨论会”将如期在我中心举行。我很高兴地告诉您,先生已被筹委会选为第一轮报告会的主要发言人。如果您需要复印一些发给与会者的报告材料或打算使用投影机,请与我中心的设备服务部门联系。长途旅行之后您应该好好休息一下。我告辞了,我们在今晚的招待宴席上再见。

Text 2 english- chinese interpretation

Listen to the tape and interpretate the following passage from english into chinese.

Welcome to Edinburgh, the Chinese provincial tourist service delegation.

My name is Jane Anderson. I am from the Edinburgh Tourist Center. I will be working as your guide throughout your six-day visit. You will be staying at the Hilton Hotel. The hotel is located in the downtown area, a few minutes’ walk from the office of the Edinburgh Tourist Center. Miss. Nancy Turner, director of Edinburgh Tourist Administration will hold a reception buffet tomorrow. After reception dinner, we will show a video entitled “Touring Around Edinburgh”, which I believe will give you a bird’s eye view of the tourist attractions and the services provided in Edinburgh and its surrounding areas. Mr. George Palmer, director of Edinburgh Tourist Center will answer your questions following the video show. He will also be giving you a detailed account of your visiting schedule.

Unit two Ceremonial Speech

Text for interpretation

Passage 1 chinese-english interpretation

Text interpreting listen to the tape and interpretate the following passage from chinese into english.














Passage 2 English-Chinese Interpretation

Text interpreting

Listen to the tape and interpretate the following passage from english into chinese.

Your Honor Mr. Mayor,

My Chinese friends,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I feel honored to come here on my first visit to your beautiful city. On behalf of all the members of my mission, I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to our host for their earnest invitation and gracious hospitality we have received since we set foot on this charming land. I am also very happy that this visit has given me an excellent opportunity to convey to you and to the people of Shanghai warm greetings and sincere good wishes from the government and people of my country. Although we live with a distance of thousands of miles between us, "Long distance separates no bosom friends," as one of your Tang poets said.

The whole world is watching with great interest the remarkable changes that are taking place in China, particularly in Shanghai. To our great amazement, this country boasts a two-and-half decade persistent economic growth, which is unequalled elsewhere in the world. China's miraculous rise as one of the strongest economic powers in the Asia-Pacific region has attracted, and will continue to attract, a growing number of business, manufacturing and financial giants in our country to invest in China, particularly to invest in a number of long-term projects in Shanghai and its surrounding areas. Over the last decade, there has never been any place other than Pudong that holds so much attraction for our people in the business community. It is with this awareness that we have come here to seek better ways of promoting our economic and financial cooperation. One of the objectives of my mission is to sign our Investment Protection Agreement and Intellectual Property Rights Protection Agreement. I am also seeking possibilities of establishing, through partnership with our Chinese colleagues, a joint consultancy firm that will provide services for transnational Corporations in Shanghai.

Last but not least, I would like to extend in person our official invitation to the mayor of Shanghai. We would like His Honor to visit our city at his earliest convenience, so as to give us an opportunity to return the warm reception and hospitality we enjoy here.

I greatly cherish the close relationship between our two cities. I also greatly value the position we enjoy as one of your most important trading partners. In spite of the worldwide economic recession in recent years, there has been a steady growth in our economic cooperation and trade volume. It is our sincere wish that we continue to work closely together to enhance our friendly cooperation and to ensure a sustained growth in our economic, financial and trade cooperation.

On the occasion of this reception, I wish Mr. Mayor and all our Chinese friends present here tonight good health!

Thank you.

Extra Text for practice

Passage 1 chinese-english interpretation

Listen to the tape and interpretate the following passage from chinese into english.






Passage 2 English-Chinese Interpretation

It is with great pleasure that I extend a warm welcome to the Chinese Provincial Trade Delegation. I am very happy that you are here to attend the opening ceremony of Canadian Industrial Exhibition. I would like to take this opportunity to convey to our Chinese guests the warm greetings from the Canadian chamber of Commerce.

This exhibition is a display of recent industrial achievements in Canada, as well as a showplace of our high-tech advances in such areas as aviation, machine tools, electronics, coal mining, power generation equipment, off-shore oil exploration, automobiles, covering all sections of Canadian industry. I am very proud that some of the exhibits are the products from some Canadian-Chinese joint ventures. Although these products are a mere fraction of all our exhibits, they mark the arrival of a new era of the economic and scientific and technological cooperation between our two great nations. Our cooperation is one of great promise. As you know, "A good beginning is half the battle." In addition, we are staging business and trade duscussions with major canadian companies. The interested parties may schedule time for business or technical talks with them.

The Chinese Provincial Trade Delegation is the largest visiting group to attend our exhibition and I wish my Chinese friends a most rewarding visit.


chinese-english interpretation

listen to the tape and interpretate the following passage from chinese into english.



Unit three Tourism

Passage 1 chinese-english interpretation

Text interpreting listen to the tape and interpretate the following passage from chinese into english.

在广袤无垠的中华大地上,有着无数绚丽多姿的自然景观,五千年的灿烂文化把这如诗如画的江山打扮得分外妖娆。全国各地的名胜古迹都是游客向往的地方,如古城西安的兵马俑,首都北京的长城和故宫,南方桂林的山水。今天我向各位介绍号称我国五岳之首的泰山。这五岳为东岳的泰山,南岳的衡山,西岳的华山,北岳的恒山和中岳的嵩山。泰山地处我国山东省的中部,绵延200多公里,其巅峰位于泰安市北面,海拔1545米。泰山雄伟壮观,峻拔突兀,最高峰玉皇顶为峡谷和险峰所环绕。登临泰山需走九曲十八盘的路程,沿途可饱览绚丽的风光,观赏不同风格的古代建筑。一阶石梯,直通南天门。登上日观峰,举目远眺,只见山外有山,景外有景,无限风光,慑人心魄。泰山将自然景观与文化景观完美地融为一体,山上有无以计数的奇石、清瀑、古松、石桥、庙宇、亭阁、古塔、殿堂。名胜古迹数不胜数,尤其是历代文人雅士书法家所留下的石刻碑文,令游客目不暇接,叹为观止。泰山的每个季节都有独特的魅力。春天,绿茵茵的山坡上争奇斗艳的花朵到处可见。夏天,泰山的雷暴雨堪称奇观,秋天,枫树叶漫山遍野,蔚蓝色的河水川流而行。冬天,雪盖群峰松披霜,景观素雅悲壮,别有一番情趣。喜逢艳阳日,极目远眺,重峦叠嶂,尽收眼底。但遇天阴时,环顾四周,苍茫大地,尽入云海。泰山的日出与日落,闻名遐迩。壮观的自然风景以及不可计数的历史名胜,激发了古代文人墨客,为之舞文弄墨,创作了无数经典佳作。泰山历来是画家和诗人钟情的聚集地。早在殷商时期(公元前1766年——公元前 1122年)我们华夏祖先便已确立了东西南北中五个方位。太阳初升的东方代表了东去春来、万物繁衍昌盛的景象。位于中国东部的泰山一直被视为吉祥之地。古代帝王择泰山登临,供以祭品,祭祀天地,为国家的繁荣祥和而祈祷。据历史记载,西周(公元前1122年-公元前771年)前已有72位君主登临泰山祭祀。此后,中国历史上第一个皇帝秦始皇,以及汉、唐、宋、清等朝代的皇帝,都请自登临泰山祭祀。现代世界也认识到泰山的旅游价值和文化价值,早在1985年,联合国教科文组织世界遗产委员会便将泰山列入联合国“世界自然与文化双遗产名录”之中。泰山热诚欢迎世界各地游客来此观光。

English-chinese interpratation

Listen to the tape and interpretate the following passage from english into chinese.

Australia warmly welcomes visitors from all over the world. Australia is a land of exceptional beauty. It is the world’s smallest continent and largest island and a relatively young country established on an ancient land. A series of geological and historical accidents have made Australia one of the world’s most attractive countries from the tourist’s viewpoint. This country has a landarea of 7,686,850square kilometers and its coastline is 36,735 kilometers. The vast movements of the earth’s curst created a vast land of Australia, isolated it and positioned it across the tropical and temperate climatic zones. This land has a small population, which left enormous areas unspoiled. Here you witness an astonishing variety of environments, from desert to rain forest, from tropical beach to white snow field, from big, sophisticated cities to vast uninhabited areas. The tourist will admire a wide array of unique and intriguing fauna and flora, a comfortable and sunny climate, and an interesting, cosmopolitan and friendly people. Many of its world-renowned attractions are specific, such as the Great Barrier Reef, Ayer’s Rock, Kakadu National Park, and Sydney Opera House. Others are general, such as its thousands of kilometers of superb beaches and large skiing resorts. Tourism is a major industry in Australia, representing about six percent of the gross national product and providing, directly or in directly, around 440,000 jobs. More than two million tourists visit Australia each year, spending about $4,000 million. It is worth mentioning that the number of tourists from China is on the rise in recent years. To promote the development of its tourist industry, Australia has tourist offices in many cities around the world, including Auckland, Chicago, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London,Los Angeles, New York, Singapore, Tokyo and Toronto. Official tourist offices are in all Australian capitals and some regional centers, providing a range of services for visitor. Many small towns have their own officies. A wide range of hotel, motel and apartment accommodation is available in most cities, major resorts and many rural areas. There are also camping parks, many with on site caravans or cabins. Hotel and motel rooms usually have telephones, private bathrooms, televisions, refrigerators, as well as facilities to make tea and coffee. The main difference between hotels and motels in Australia is that hotels must provide a public bar to serve liquor. “Private” hotels and guest houses do not have permits to serve liquor. Many country farms offer holidays which include participation in farm activities. Tourist offices provide details and can arrange bookings. There are a variety of restaurants to suit all tastes and pockets, from top-class restaurants with international cuisine to small coffee shops serving snacks. All cities have a wide range of ethnic restaurants. Virtually all restaurants have liquor licences. No service charges are added to account by hotels or restaurants. Tipping is neither encouraged nor routine, although visitors may reward special services if they wish, in which case 10 percent of the bill is adequate. At any time, tipping is optional. Taxi drivers and porters have set charges and do not expect to be tipped. Before leaving Australia, every visitor over 12 years old must pay a $20 departure tax. You can buy Departure-tax stamps at airports and post offices with Australian currency or by American Express, Visa or Mastercard.

Extra Text for practice

Passage 1 chinese-english interpretation

Listen to the tape and interpretate the following passage from chinese into english.


passage two English-chinese interpratation

Listen to the tape and interpretate the following passage from english into chinese.

I’d like to make some special remarks on our tour programs: First of all, the quotation for each tour includes all expenses in the destination country. This includes the cost of accommodation, meals, transportation, sightseeing, guides, airport departure tax, and international airfare. The quotation is calculated on a per-person basis for a group of 10 or more adults. The quotation for smaller groups will have to be determined by this travel agency. Next, each person taking our tour has to pay for his or her personal expenses which may involve, for example, laundry, drinks, mini-bars in their hotel rooms, long-distance phone calls. And finally, it is our principle to carry out a tour strictly according to the set itinerary, but we reserve the right to make any changes due to some unforeseen circumstances. We will give you notice of these changes as they occur, together with reasons.

Passsage three chinese-english interpretation

Listen to the tape and interpretate the following passage from chinese into english.





Unit four Business Negociation

Text interpreting

Passage 1 chinese- english alternative interpretation

Text interpretation listen to the tape and interpretate the following passage alternatively into chinese and english


Hi, Mr. Chen. My name is Sean Hudson. I am from Seattle, USA. I am in

charge of the supply department of the Pacific Trading Company Ltd.


Thank you! I have read your brochure and am very impressed by your scope of business, especially the machinery tools you manufacture. I believe my customers will like your new products.


Sure. Your exhibits are very attractive, though the workmanship is not so

desirable. If you don’t mind, I’d like to make an inquiry. Here’s my list of

interested machine tools. I'd like to hear your lowest quotations C.I.f. Seattle.


Well, Mr. Chen, your prices are not competitive. My demand is bulk, but of course I’ll have to reduce the quantity of my intended purchase substantially with your offer.



I sure will. Nice meeting you. I’ll call home about your quotations and come back tomorrow with our decision.



Passage 2 english-chinese alternative interpretation

Text interpretation listen to the tape and interpretate the following passage alternatively into chinese and english

Good afternoon, may I help you?


Certainly. Lately we expanded our scope of business to better serve our Far East Asian customers, Chinese customers in particular. China is such an enormous market that nobody can afford to neglect. My company is willing to establish business relations with all interested Chinese parties.


We have just updated our prices. But of course I don’t mean our offer is final. As usual, we’d like to quote the most reasonable price to start our business relationship for the future, even at the cost of a substantial loss on our part.


We guarantee the quality of our supplies. And we have free samples for your inspection. As for the discount, we can reduce the listed prices by 5%. This is our floor offer and you’ll have to excuse me, we’re not prepared for any counter-offer.


That’s wonderful. Let’s leave the technical details of the contract to our assistants. I’d like to invite you to drink and celebrate the success of your first business transaction.



Passage 1 chinese- english alternative interpretation

Text interpretation listen to the tape and interpretate the following passage alternatively into chinese and english

感谢您的询价。这是我方在原价基础上削减了 3.5%以后的报价单。您一定会感到我们的报价在今天这个需求量上升的市场上最有竞争力。

I agree your offer after this reduction is attractive but excuse my frankness, in any case it is by no means the most competitive one to the best of my knowledge.I did a lot of research lately and I’m sure you’ll agree with me that a growing number of suppliers in other Southeast Asian countries have joined this market. I foresee a substantial drop in price next year.


You’re a real business negotiator, but if you hang on to the listed quotations,it’s impossible for us to come to terms. I don’t think your offer is in line with the current market. I do hope you’ll consider our counter-offer. After all, we’ve had a business relationship for almost ten years.

好吧!为了庆祝我们 10 年来在省以上的合作,也为了继续推进我们的商务关系,我乐意给您追加 1.5%的特别折扣。这已远远低于我方的最低价了,所以我再也不能接受还价了。我希望您理解我的处境,我可不想丢了自己的饭碗啊!

I really appreciate your concession, and I’d like to sign our papers today.


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