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accumulator/[]/ n. 积聚者, 蓄能器, 蓄电池 ...

听美剧学英语《老友记第六季》(MP3+双语字幕+文本) 04

[00:02.40]Monica,which of all of this kitchen stuff is mine? 厨房有哪些东西是我的?
[00:05.97]This bottle opener. 这个开罐器
[00:08.24]-And...? -And it's a magnet. 还有呢? 还有上面的磁铁
[00:16.18]Look at that! 你看
[00:18.48]How weird is that? You're moving in with me... 多巧啊 你要搬来跟我住
[00:21.08]and you have the one thing I don't have. 而我就缺一个开罐器
[00:24.92]It's like, in a way, you complete me. 仿佛是你让我变得完整
[00:31.83]-Kitchen. -What? 我是说厨房 什么?
[00:33.53]You complete me kitchen, matey! 你让我的厨房变得完整,室友
[00:38.60]I know what you're thinking. 罗斯,我知道你在想什么
[00:41.20]That she'll move in with you, then fall in love with you, and then... 她搬去跟你住之后 或许会爱上你
[00:45.37]when she finds out you're already married, she'll be happy. 等她发现你们还有婚姻关系 就会很高兴
[00:49.28]You know? You're just very sad. 你真的很悲哀
[00:52.78]Oh,my God! 我的天哪
[00:56.85]I see what this is. You are in love with Rachel! 我终于知道了,你爱上瑞秋了
[01:03.26]It all adds up! You're obsessed with her. It's always: 什么? 没错,这就对了,你迷恋她
[01:07.20]"What will you do about Rachel? Why are you moving in with Rachel? “罗斯,瑞秋的事怎么办” “罗斯,你为何要跟瑞秋住”
[01:11.43]When will you confess your secret marriage to Rachel?" You want her! “你何时要承认没办注销” 你想要她
[01:19.14]Saved by the bell. 电话救了你一命…
[01:24.95]Aren't these candlesticks mine? 瑞秋,这对烛台不是我的吗?
[01:27.48]No,I bought those. 不,那是我买的
[01:29.28]Oh, right. I forgot. 对喔,我忘了
[01:32.09]That you're a liar! 忘了你是个骗子
[01:36.22]That's great! I'll be there Monday. And thank you again. 不会,太好了,我星期一过去 再次谢谢你,好的
[01:42.33]That was the head of the paleontology department... 是纽约大学 古生物学的
[01:45.47]at N... 系
[01:46.80]Y... 主
[01:48.07]U. 任
[01:49.80]Wow. What... 他
[01:51.34]did he... 说
[01:52.64]say? 什么?
[01:55.34]Remember that paper I had published last year on sediment flow rate? 记得我那篇沉积速率论文吗?
[01:59.68]-They loved it. -Well, who wouldn't? 他们很喜欢 有谁会不喜欢?
[02:03.02]I know! 就是嘛
[02:06.19]Anyway,they asked me to be a guest lecturer. 总之他们要聘我当客座教授
[02:09.32]It's temporary, but if they like me, it could lead to a full-time job. 是暂时的 但表现得好就可能转任正职
[02:14.10]How great would that look on the mailbox? Professor Geller. 标在信箱上可帅了:盖勒教授
[02:17.83]Professor and Mrs. 是啊,教授与夫人
[02:21.70]And Mrs.? 与夫人?
[02:24.67]You and Ross are still married. 对,你和罗斯还是夫妻
[02:28.54]What? 什么?
[02:30.88]Just kidding! 开玩笑的啦
[02:35.05]Oh,God! 天哪
[02:40.86]Saved your ass. 救了你的狗命
[02:44.33]The One Where Joey Loses His lnsurance 本集播出:“装腔作调”
[03:24.27]What's the matter? 怎么了?
[03:27.57]You know that psychic I see? 我不是有在找灵媒? 是啊
[03:30.10]She told me I'm gonna die this week, so I'm bummed. 她说我这个星期会死 所以我有点沮丧
[03:35.74]I know you don't know about readings, but that's the worst you can get. 什么? 我知道你们不太懂通灵术 但这应该算是最糟的预言
[03:42.42]That's crazy. 这太夸张了
[03:43.79]She'd say that to you? 她居然咒你死
[03:45.59]You don't believe her, do you? 你不会相信吧?
[03:47.49]I don't know. She said that I'd have triplets... 她预言过我会生三胞胎
[03:50.63]but she also said one of them would be black. 但她也说会有一个黑宝宝
[03:55.06]Just out of curiosity, did she say how you'd go? 纯属好奇:她有提到死法吗?
[03:57.80]She didn't tell me I'd die till the end of the session. 没有,她到最后才告诉我
[04:00.80]I wasn't gonna waste a whole other hour there! 我不想再跟她耗1小时
[04:03.40]I've only got a week left. 我只剩1星期了
[04:05.51]I've really gotta start living now! 我得开始享受人生
[04:12.18]Hey,everyone. 大家好
[04:14.68]Well,today's my first lecture... 我今天第一次上课
[04:17.25]and I wanted to try it out on you guys. Do you mind? 想找你们演练一下,可以吗?
[04:23.09]No,that'd be great! 好啊 没问题
[04:35.34]"There are three primary theories concerning sediment flow rate. 沉积速率有三个主要理论
[04:39.47]Each of these theories can be further subcategorized into two..." 每一个还可以细分为两个…
[04:43.28]This is it. This is what's gonna kill me. 我就是这样死的
[04:49.02]"...subcategories. The first of these subcategories is.." 类别,第一个是…
[04:54.69]Are there naked chicks on that piece of paper? 罗斯,你那张纸上有裸女吗?
[05:00.13]No. Why? 没有,怎么了?
[05:01.36]I never seen a guy stare so hard at something that didn't have chicks on it. 我没见过纸上没有裸女 男人还会死盯着看
[05:13.51]"There are three primary theories... 沉积速率有...
[05:18.15]concerning sediment flow rate. 三个主要理论
[05:23.25]Each of these theories... 每一个...
[05:25.32]can be further subcategorized... 还可以细分...
[05:28.39]into.." 为两个…
[05:29.59]Why don't you open with a joke? 不如以笑话开场
[05:33.03]Open with a joke? It's a university, not a comedy club. 以笑话开场? 那是大学,不是夜总会
[05:36.86]Wait a minute,hold the phone. 等一下,且慢
[05:39.70]You're not talking about Chuckles University? 是咯咯窃笑大学吗?
[05:44.51]Come on,we're kidding. 好 开玩笑的啦
[05:46.21]You know what might make it less boring? 你知道怎样会比较不无聊?
[05:48.41]Thank you. 谢谢你喔
[05:50.41]Some visual aids. 运用影像辅助
[05:53.28]-You know what's a good visual aid? -Don't say naked chicks. 你知道哪种影像辅助最好? 别跟我说裸女
[05:57.55]Why not? 为什么不行?
[05:59.79]I don't even know why I talk to you guys about it. 真不知道我干嘛找你们商量
[06:02.79]I'm just gonna do it on my own, with no naked chicks. 我自己解决,不必用裸女
[06:06.36]That's the way I did it till I was 19. 我19岁之前就是那样
[06:10.93]All right,20. 好吧,20岁
[06:14.37]Twenty-three. 23岁
[06:23.51]Any good mail? 有有用的信吗?
[06:24.91]Something from the Screen Actors Guild. 有,演员工会寄信给你
[06:27.01]It's probably a residual check. Can you open it? I got.... 可能是重播费 你帮我拆一下,我…
[06:32.75]"Benefits lapsed." 保险中止
[06:34.86]That's weird. 怪了
[06:36.19]I don't remember being in a movie called Benefits Lapsed. 我没演过这部片
[06:40.43]It's not a check. Your health insurance expired because... 这不是支票 你的健保失效了,因为…
[06:44.80]-you didn't work enough last year. -Let me see that. 你去年的工作时数不够 我看看
[06:49.37]Oh,I can't believe this! 不会吧
[06:51.64]This sucks! 好烂喔
[06:53.88]When I had insurance, I could get hit by a bus... 有保险时我可以被车撞
[06:57.04]or catch on fire,you know? 或是被火烧
[06:59.11]And it wouldn't matter. Now I gotta be careful? 都无所谓,现在却得小心?
[07:03.28]I'm sorry. There's never a good time to have to... 真可惜,被火烧这种事…
[07:06.12]stop catching on fire. 停了总是不好
[07:09.89]All right,well... 好吧
[07:11.53]I guess I gotta go see my agent. 我得找工作了 我去见经纪人
[07:14.06]Make sure to look both ways before you cross the street. 过马路要小心左右来车
[07:17.90]"Make sure to look both ways before you cross the street." 叽哩瓜啦劈里啪啦
[07:28.48]Hey,you're still alive! 菲比,你还活着
[07:32.21]How are you feeling? 感觉如何?
[07:33.71]It's so exhausting,waiting for death. 等死好累喔
[07:37.25]Oh, by the way, do you think you.. 对了,你能不能…
[07:43.83]What are you doing? 菲比,你干什么?
[07:45.76]Preparing you for.. Didn't you think I was dead? 我在替你做心理… 你没有以为我死了吗?
[07:48.36]Did that not come off? 我装得不像吗?
[07:51.03]Yeah, scared the hell out of me. I thought we'd lost you forever. 像,我吓死了 我还以为我们永别了
[07:54.94]-You wanna lie down? -Yeah,thanks. 你要不要睡一下? 好,谢谢
[07:58.44]Can you do me a favor? 对了,帮我一个忙
[08:00.17]Wake me up in a couple hours. 两个小时后叫我
[08:02.51]You know, if you can. 如果还叫得醒的话
[08:12.92]Did you take these back? 这是你摆回去的?
[08:16.46]I liked them so much that I bought some for myself. 不是,我很喜欢 就去买了一对
[08:19.69]They're really great, aren't they? 真的很好看对吧?
[08:22.13]I love them. 我好喜欢
[08:24.63]Nice try. 想耍诈
[08:29.54]How'd the lecture go? 课上得怎样?
[08:30.94]It went great. 很顺利
[08:33.14]And I didn't need any jokes or naked chicks either. 既不需要笑话,也不需要裸女
[08:37.38]That's great. I'm sorry we weren't supportive before. 太好了 抱歉之前没有好好帮忙
[08:40.62]I knew I just had to let the material speak for itself. 我就知道教材充实最重要
[08:43.89]Everyone's all, "Ross, you have to be funny and sexy." 每个人都说 “你得表现得风趣又性感”
[08:47.22]Well, I proved them wrong! 我证明他们错了
[08:50.49]And now I'm gonna pass the news on to Joey and Chandler. 我现在就去告诉乔伊和钱德
[08:53.66]-That you're not funny or sexy? -That's right! 说你不风趣也不性感? 没错
[09:01.97]-Hey, Estelle, listen.. -Well, well, well. 艾丝黛,听着…
[09:06.14]Joey Tribbiani. 乔伊崔比亚尼
[09:07.91]So you came back,huh? 回来了是吧?
[09:10.24]They think they can do better, but they all... 每个人都以为走比较好 但最后都...
[09:12.95]come crawling back to Estelle. 爬回来求艾丝黛
[09:17.25]What are you talking about? 你在说什么?
[09:19.69]I never left you. You've always been my agent. 我哪有离开 你一直是我的经纪人
[09:22.42]Really? 是吗? 是啊
[09:24.86]Oh, well, no harm no foul. 我没恶意,你别在意
[09:28.60]Look, you gotta get me some work. I lost my health insurance. 艾丝黛,你得帮我找工作 我的健保没了
[09:33.10]All right, first thing we gotta do: damage control. 好,首先得做伤害控制
[09:36.60]-Why? -Well,I think... 为什么? 我觉得...
[09:39.21]someone out there... 可能有人...
[09:41.68]may have been bad-mouthing you all over town. 在到处中伤你
[09:47.05]The bastard! 不要脸
[09:52.59]We're early. The lecture doesn't end for 15 minutes. 我们来早了 还有15分钟才下课
[09:55.22]-But we could sneak in and watch. -Yeah,we could. 我们可以溜进去看 好
[09:57.76]Hey, look. There's some Kappa Kappa Deltas. I was a Kappa. 看,KD姐妹会的人 我以前也是
[10:01.90]Hey,sisters. 学妹好
[10:06.03]Wow,we really are bitches. 我们还真的很讨人厌
[10:11.37]Right. So when Rigby got his samples back from the laboratory... 好,瑞格比从实验室 取回样本后
[10:16.54]he made a startling discovery. 有了惊人的发现
[10:20.98]What he believed to be igneous was, in fact, sedimentary. 他原以为那是火山物质 其实是沉积物
[10:26.52]Imagine his consternation when.. 他的惊愕不难…
[10:33.36]Oh, bloody hell. 糟糕
[10:46.14]So Estelle lined up a bunch of auditions for me tomorrow. 明天艾丝黛帮我排了一堆试镜
[10:49.61]And I'll have my health insurance back in no time. 我很快就能重新加入健保
[10:53.65]That's great, but shouldn't you be on the toilet right now? 太好了 但你现在应该去蹲马桶吧?
[11:01.66]-What's wrong with you? -Nothing. 什么? 你是怎么了? 没什么
[11:04.66]I got this blinding pain in my stomach when I was lifting weights before. 我刚才举哑铃时 肚子突然一阵剧痛
[11:09.50]And then I passed out... 然后就昏倒了
[11:12.80]and I haven't been able to stand up since. 而且一直站不起来
[11:15.17]But I don't think it's anything serious. 不过应该没什么
[11:18.14]This sounds like a hernia. Go to the doctor. 这应该是疝气,你得去看医生 我才不要
[11:21.31]No way. If I go to the doctor, it'll be for this thing sticking out of my stomach! 就算要去看医生 也是因为肚子这里突出来
[11:31.15]That's a hernia. 那就是疝气
[11:32.65]Why'd I have to start working out again? 我为什么要恢复健身?
[11:36.12]Damn you, 15s! 烂哑铃
[11:40.26]What the hell are you doing? 你在搞什么?
[11:43.20]Look,I was nervous. 我很紧张
[11:45.07]You guys had me all worried I was gonna be boring. 你们害我担心我会很无聊
[11:48.10]I got up there and they were all, like, staring at me. 我上了台,学生都盯着我看
[11:51.74]I opened my mouth and this British accent just came out. 结果我一开口就是英国腔了
[11:56.34]Yeah, and not a very good one. 而且还很矬
[11:58.55]Will you, please...? 别再说了
[12:00.68]Dr. Geller? Kurt Rathman. 盖勒博士,寇特拉斯曼
[12:02.78]I'm a paleontology professor here. 古生物学系教授
[12:05.92]Do you have a moment to talk about your lecture? 可以聊聊你的课吗?
[12:08.69]I'm sorry, I've got plans with my sister. 抱歉,我和舍妹有约
[12:11.73]Monica Geller. 摩妮卡盖勒
[12:15.30]Right. Will you excuse us for one moment? 是的,失陪一下
[12:19.03]-What are you doing? -You can have an accent, but I can't? 你干什么? 你能装我就不能装?
[12:22.40]Top of the morning to you, laddies! 小伙子早啊
[12:25.37]Would you just please stop? 别闹了
[12:28.94]Yes,yes,Bombay is very, very nice this time of year. 是的,这个季节的孟买 灰常怡人
[12:49.90]Hey, will you grab me a cruller? 帮我点个小煎饼
[12:53.63]Sit down! 坐下啦
[12:55.90]Will you go to the hospital? 我拜托你去看医生
[12:58.27]Hernia operations cost... 大哥,疝气手术…
[13:00.24]a lot probably,okay? 应该很贵
[13:02.14]Besides,it's getting darker and more painful. That means it's healing. 而且它越来越黑,越来越痛 就表示有在好
[13:07.62]Look, I'll loan you the money. 我借你钱
[13:09.68]Just go to the hospital and let's just get that thing... 赶快去医院把它…
[13:13.32]pushed back in. 塞回去
[13:15.52]Thank you, but it'd take me forever to pay you back. 谢谢,但我要很久才能还你
[13:18.93]I don't want that hanging over my head. 我不想惦记这件事
[13:21.13]Besides,when my insurance kicks in... 而且只要健保恢复
[13:23.60]I can get all the free operations I want. 我就可以动各种免费手术
[13:26.77]I'll probably start with that laser eye surgery. 我打算先去做眼睛雷射手术
[13:33.87]What's going on? 怎么了?
[13:35.14]Joey's got a hernia, but it's nothing a little laser eye surgery won't fix. 乔伊的疝气很严重 不过动个眼睛雷射手术就好了
[13:40.95]I'm telling you, if I put my hand on my stomach... 真的,把手压在这里...
[13:43.95]it doesn't hurt that bad. 就没那么痛
[13:46.55]Hey, maybe you'll die! 搞不好你会死
[13:50.86]Chandler, I'm scared. 钱德,我怕了
[13:53.13]No, we can go together. 我们可以一起走
[13:54.96]Just don't wait too long, because I'm out of here sometime before Friday. 但不要拖太久 我星期五之前就会挂掉
[14:00.03]But I don't want to die. 但是我不想死
[14:01.87]It'll be fun. We'll come back and haunt these guys! 不,会很好玩 我们可以回来吓他们
[14:06.67]Wait. Could I come back and haunt Monica and Rachel when they're in the shower? 等等,我可以趁摩妮卡 和瑞秋洗澡时回来吗?
[14:11.95]-That's my girlfriend. -Hey,I'm dead! 那是我的女朋友 我都死了
[14:20.59]-Give me them! -No, they are mine! 给我 不要,这是我的
[14:23.02]-You stole them from me! -You stole them from me! 是你偷我的 你才偷我的
[14:25.29]Give me them! 拿来
[14:29.73]Just wanna each take one? 要不要一人一个?
[14:31.80]Yeah, that seems fair. We never use them. 很公平,反正也没用过
[14:36.04]Look, I really need some help, okay? 听着,你们真的得帮我
[14:39.37]Why did I have to speak in a British accent? 为什么我要说英国腔?
[14:43.41]What do I do? 我该怎么办?
[14:44.58]Why don't you call Mummy and Daddy? 去问爸爸妈妈呀
[14:48.08]I'm serious! Someone's gonna find out and then they're never gonna offer me a job. 我说真的,我迟早会被揭穿 教书的事就泡汤了
[14:52.29]Why don't you phase it out? Yeah, phase the accent out. 慢慢把口音改掉
[14:54.59]People will think you're adjusting to life in America. 别人会以为你在适应美国生活
[14:58.36]Come on. No one will even notice. 是啊,根本不会有人注意
[15:00.56]They're probably not even listening to you. 搞不好根本没人在听
[15:05.13]They're not listening to me? 没人在听我讲话?
[15:06.90]Of course they're listening to you. 当然有人在听
[15:10.04]Everybody listens to you. 每个人都在听你讲话
[15:12.04]Monica,do you think I should try this phasing-out thing? 你真的觉得我慢慢改吗?
[15:15.54]I think you look fine. 我觉得你很帅啊
[15:21.08]Whenever you're ready. 好了就开始 好
[15:24.62]Hey,Timmy. 提米
[15:27.09]I've got a surprise... 我有个惊喜...
[15:29.79]for you. 给你
[15:31.46]Hold it. I'm sorry. 停,抱歉
[15:32.89]The surprise is a new swing set. If you could play it less intense. 这个惊喜是一组新秋千 别演得这么凝重
[15:37.06]Oh,yeah. Sure, no problem. 好,没问题
[15:39.23]Just hold on one second. 等我一下
[15:47.84]Hey,Timmy. 提米
[15:50.08]I've got a surprise for you! 我要给你一个惊喜
[15:53.61]Oh, my God! 天哪
[16:00.92]So that's why I feed my dog Purina One. 所以我都喂我的狗吃跑路
[16:04.83]Pick up a bag today. 今天就去搬一包吧
[16:08.43]-That's where you pick up the bag. -Exactly. 这时候你要把它搬起来 没错
[16:12.17]The line is, "Pick up a bag," so you need to pick up the bag. 不是,台词是搬一包 所以你得把它搬起来
[16:16.34]Or I could just point to it. 或是用指的
[16:20.71]Purina One. Point to a bag today. 叽哩呱哇 今天就去指一包吧
[16:28.85]I didn't get it, did I? 我没过,对吧?
[16:30.05]-No. -Yeah. 没有 好
[16:36.72]Joey Tribbiani. 你好,我是乔伊崔比亚尼
[16:38.46]I'm here to audition for "Man." 我来应徵…的人
[16:42.03]You mean "Dying Man." 垂死的人吗? 没错
[16:47.74]-Do it one more time. -Really? Really? Okay. 快,再打一次 真的要打?好
[16:54.51]Hello, Ross? This is Dr. McNeely from the Fake Accent University. 罗斯你好 我是假口音大学的麦尼利博士
[16:59.31]We'd like you to come onboard full-time! 我们想聘你当专任教授
[17:07.22]Listen to this! 听我说
[17:09.19]My reading was wrong. I'm not going to die. 预言错了,我不会死了
[17:11.56]Really? How do you know? 真的?你怎么知道?
[17:13.09]My psychic is dead! 因为我的灵媒死了
[17:16.76]She must have read the cards wrong. 她一定是看错牌了
[17:19.00]I'm sorry. 我很遗撼
[17:20.73]Better her than me. 总比我死好
[17:23.04]Hey,let's bake cookies! 我们来烤饼干
[17:30.78]Listen, I'm really glad you got the part. 恭喜你拿到这个角色
[17:34.92]Are you sure you can do this? 你真的能演吗?
[17:37.25]And thanks for coming with me. 谢谢你陪我来
[17:39.35]And thanks again for helping me take a shower. 还有谢谢你帮我洗澡
[17:44.56]Now,is that "never talking about it again"? 这样叫绝口不提吗?
[17:50.13]We're ready for you. 乔伊,都准备好了
[17:52.47]This is Alex. He'll be playing your son. 这是亚历,他演你的儿子
[17:55.30]Hi,Alex. 你好
[17:56.60]As you can see,my hands are not in my pants. 我的手可没塞在裤子里
[18:04.38]All right, Alex. Now, when Joey says his line... 亚历克斯,当乔伊说到
[18:07.75]"Take good care of your mama, son," that's your cue to cry. Got it? “好好照顾你妈妈” 你就要哭,懂吗?
[18:11.65]All right, let's do this. 好,来吧
[18:17.42]Scene five, take one. 第五场,第一次
[18:21.16]And action! 开始
[18:22.63]Take good care of your mama, son. 儿子,好好照顾你妈妈
[18:33.11]Take good care of your mama, son. 儿子,好好照顾你妈妈
[18:39.18]Come on, son. 拜托啦
[18:40.81]Your mama's good people. 你妈是个好人
[18:43.85]Cut! Alex, remember, you're supposed to cry. 停! 亚历克斯,这里应该要哭
[18:48.02]Can you cry for us this time? 你这次可以哭吗?
[18:50.66]All right. From the top. 好吧 好,重来
[18:55.33]Scene five, take two. 第五场,第二次
[18:58.53]Take 36 is up. 第卅六次要来了
[19:01.37]Let's try this again. 再来一次
[19:03.37]You ready,Joe? 乔伊,你好了吗?
[19:04.77]One thing, is it all right if I scream... 请问一下,你喊开始前
[19:07.67]right up until you say, "Action"? 我可以大叫吗?
[19:10.48]Sure. 可以
[19:14.01]-Action! -Take good care of your mama,son. 开始 儿子,好好照顾你妈妈
[19:19.85]Cut! 卡
[19:22.16]I'm sorry. Why don't you lift up your shirt? Take a look at this, kiddo. 抱歉…乔伊,你把衣服掀开来 小鬼你看
[19:30.66]We have a crying child! Roll the damn cameras! 有小孩哭了,摄影机快拍
[19:40.67]-Hello, is Ross there? -No,he's not. Can I take a message? 罗斯在吗? 他不在,你要留言吗?
[19:43.41]Yes, this is Russell, Ross' divorce lawyer. 好,我是罗斯的离婚律师
[19:46.15]Since I haven't heard from him, I assume he's giving the marriage a try. 我想一直没有他的回音 他应该是想试着经营这段婚姻
[19:51.05]Ross got married again? 罗斯又结婚了?
[19:56.52]All right, keep going. We are phasing the accent out. 继续,慢慢改掉口音
[20:00.06]Phasing it out. 慢慢改掉
[20:02.43]"So without retesting their results in the laboratory... 要不是进实验室重新化验结果
[20:07.40]the team would never have identified... 研究小组也不会发现
[20:13.24]the initial errors in their carbon dating... 原先的碳14定年结果...
[20:17.51]analysis." 有误
[20:21.35]Were there any questions at this point? 到这里有问题吗?
[20:25.29]What's happening to your accent? 请说 你的口音怎么没了?
[20:30.06]Come again? What's this nonsense? 再说一次,你说什么?
[20:37.10]All right. I'm not English. 好吧,我不是英国人
[20:41.47]I'm from Long lsland. 我是长岛人
[20:44.30]I was really nervous, and the accent... 我一紧张就...
[20:47.57]just came out. 冒出那个腔调了
[20:49.61]I'm sorry. 很抱歉
[20:52.95]So if we could just get back to the lecture. 回到课堂上来
[20:58.25]Were there any questions? 有任何问题吗?
[21:02.59]About paleontology? 古生物学的问题
[21:07.63]I was just trying to make a good first impression. 我只是想留下良好的第一印象
[21:10.56]Obviously, I screwed up. But what you guys think of me is important... 但我显然搞砸了 但你们对我的看法很重要
[21:14.97]because I'm hoping to get a permanent job here. 因为我想成为专任教授
[21:18.27]So if you'd just give me another chance to make a good impression.. 如果你们肯再给我一次机会 制造好感…
[21:23.18]Ross! Are you crazy? 罗斯!你疯了吗?
[21:25.58]I am still your wife? Were you just never gonna tell me? 我还是你的老婆? 你想瞒我一辈子吗?
[21:28.95]What the hell is wrong with you? 你是哪里有病?
[21:31.45]I could just kill you! 我真想宰了你
[21:38.93]Well, hello, Rachel! 瑞秋你好
[21:49.10]You've really done this before? 你真的玩过?
[21:51.94]You just take a big, big swing,okay? 你就用力K下去
[21:54.78]Now, don't hold back. 不要手软
[22:01.55]What are you doing? 你们在干嘛?
[22:02.85]We're just celebrating that Joey got his health insurance back. 庆祝乔伊的健保恢复
[22:07.25]Oh, all right. 好
[22:14.66]See? Now let's try one without the helmet. 看吧,脱掉头盔再来一次
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