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听美剧学英语《老友记第九季》(MP3+双语字幕+文本) 07

[00:04.03]And that's why, no matter what Mommy says.. 而那就是为什么不管妈咪说什么…
[00:07.70]we really were on a break. Yes, we were. 我们都真的暂时分手了 是的,没错…
[00:11.67]Yes, we were. Come here, gorgeous. 是的,没错 来吧,漂亮宝贝
[00:16.81]Look at you. You are the cutest little baby ever. 瞧瞧你 你是史上最可爱的小婴儿了
[00:20.48]You're just a little-bitty baby, you know that? But you've got.. 你只是个小不丁点婴儿 你知道吗?但是你拥有…
[00:24.49]You've got big, beautiful eyes. 你拥有大大漂亮的双眼
[00:27.09]Yes, you do. And a.. And a big, round belly. 是的,你有,还有… 还有大大圆圆的肚肚
[00:31.09]Big baby butt. 大大的婴儿屁屁
[00:36.13]I like big butts. 我喜欢大屁屁
[00:52.11]Oh, my God, Emma. You're laughing. 喔,天啊,艾犸你在笑
[00:56.65]Oh, my God. You've never done that before, have you? 喔,我的天,你从没有这样过,对吗?
[00:59.59]You've never done that before. Daddy made you laugh, huh? 你从来没有这样过 爹地逗你笑了,对吧?
[01:03.43]Well, Daddy and Sir Mix-A-Lot. 嗯,是爹地还有混音老爹
[01:07.46]What? What? You wanna hear some more? 什么?什么? 你还想听更多是吗?
[01:17.74]I'm a terrible father. 我真是个糟糕的父亲
[01:21.08]The One With Rosss Inappropriate Song
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[02:09.36]- What do you know about investments? - How come? -你们懂得投资吗? -怎么了?
[02:13.03]I'm starting to make good money on the show, and I should do something with it. 我的演出开始让我赚到一些钱了 所以我想我应该好好利用那些钱
[02:17.10]- What do you do with your money now? - It's taped to the back of my toilet tank. -那你现在是把钱放在哪里呢? -藏在我家马桶水箱后面
[02:21.44]I didn't say that. It's in a bank guarded by robots. 我没有那样说 是放在银行由机器人看守着
[02:27.18]- Do you have any ideas? - A guy at work got me excited.. -你有什么想法吗? -有个同事的提议让我觉得很兴奋…
[02:30.18]about going in on an emu farm. That'd be kind of cool, huh? 是关于投资鸸鸟农场 很酷吧?
[02:33.55]Pitching in on the weekends, helping to plant the emus. 在周末的时候过去帮忙 帮助种植鸸鸟
[02:38.82]Joe, emus are birds. You raise them for meat. 乔伊,鸸鸟是鸟类 是养来当食物的
[02:42.62]Yeah. Right! 嗯,是喔!
[02:46.46]People eat birds. Bird meat. 人类会吃小鸟,小鸟肉
[02:48.80]Do they just fly into your mouth? Or you go in a restaurant and say: 他们是直接飞进你的嘴里吗? 还是你可以到餐厅说:
[02:52.47]"Excuse me, I'll have a bucket of fried bird." “不好意思,我要点一份炸鸟”
[02:55.80]Or maybe just a wing. Or a.. 或是一个翅膀,或是…
[03:02.01]You should consider something a little less risky. 你应该考虑比较低风险性的投资
[03:04.91]I think real estate is your best investment. 我认为房地产会是最好的投资
[03:07.45]The Fed just lowered the rates, and the interest on your mortgage is deductible. 联邦储备银行才刚降息 而且房贷的利率也可以扣减所得税额
[03:12.82]That's right. I know some stuff. 没错,我懂投资
[03:15.42]Real estate, huh? 房地产,是吗?
[03:17.23]And you know who's selling a great apartment? Richard! 你知道谁要卖一间 很棒的公寓吗?李察!
[03:20.03]And you know whose knowledge of her ex-boyfriend is shocking? Monica! 你知道谁对她前男朋友的熟悉度 很吓人吗?摩妮卡!
[03:24.43]- My dad told me. They play golf together. - Well, maybe I'll join them sometime. -我爸告诉我的,他们一起打高尔夫球 -那么或许我应该加入他们
[03:28.97]I just hope the club doesn't slip out of my hand.. 我只希望球杆不要滑出我的手…
[03:31.81]and beat the mustache off his face. 然后把他的八字胡从他脸上打掉
[03:41.72]And then the doctor said Emma has doubled her birth weight.. 然后医生说艾犸的体重 已经是出生时的一倍了…
[03:45.85]she is in the 90th percentile and she's gonna start eating solid foods soon. 她比百分之九十的婴儿快 很快就可以吃固体食物了
[03:50.39]- That's great! - I know! -太棒了! -我知道!
[03:53.73]- What did we used to talk about? - No idea. -我们以前都在谈什么呢? -不知道
[03:58.13]Hi! You have to help me pick a dress. I'm meeting Mike's parents tonight. 嗨!你们要帮我选衣服 我今晚要跟麦克的父母见面
[04:02.77]Wow, the boyfriend's parents. That's a big step. 哇,男朋友的父母亲,真是一大步
[04:05.84]- Really? That hadn't occurred to me. - They'll love you. Just be yourself. -真的吗?我倒是没有这样想过 -他们会喜欢你的,自然随性就好
[04:10.71]They live on the Upper East Side on Park Avenue. 他们住在上东区的公园大道
[04:13.58]Yeah, she can't be herself. 那她就不能自然随性了
[04:16.28]Okay, so, all right, which dress? 好了,那么,哪一件呢?
[04:23.83]- You can say neither. - Oh, God. Neither. -你们可以说都不好 -喔,天啊,都不好
[04:27.66]You can say it nicely. 你们大可以委婉一点说
[04:29.70]I'm sorry. We'll take you shopping. It'll be fine. 我很抱歉,我们会带你去买衣服 没事的
[04:32.37]You are in such good hands, and I am so good with meeting parents. 我会照顾你的 我很会搞跟父母亲见面这种事
[04:36.17]With the father, you wanna flirt a little, but not in a gross way. 面对他父亲,稍微打情骂俏一下 但是不要太过火
[04:39.84]Just kind of like, "Mr. Pinzer, I can see where Wallace gets his good looks." 有像是“品瑟先生,我现在终于知道 华勒斯帅气的长相是遗传谁的了”
[04:44.18]- You went out with Wallace Pinzer? - He took the SATs for me. -你跟华勒斯品瑟交往过? -他代替我考联考
[04:49.48]- I knew you didn't get a 1400! - Yeah, well, duh! I mean.. -我就知道你没有考过高标! -是啊,哈!我们说的是我耶…
[04:54.86]So now, what about with Mike's mom? 那麦克的妈怎么办呢?
[04:57.43]Well, with the mother, just constantly tell her how amazing her son is. 至于他母亲,只要不断的告诉她 她儿子有多棒就行了
[05:01.93]Take it from me. Moms love me. Ross' mom one time actually said.. 举我为例,母亲们都很喜欢我 罗斯的妈有一次甚至还说…
[05:05.77]I am like the daughter that she never had. 我就像是那个她从未有过的女儿
[05:11.74]- She said what? - She's like the daughter she never had. -她说什么? -她就像是那个她从未有过的女儿
[05:17.58]Listen. 听着
[05:29.59]I just got Phoebe all dressed to meet Mike's parents. 我才帮菲比打扮好让她去见麦克的父母
[05:32.53]She's so nervous. It's so sweet. 她好紧张,真是太感人了
[05:34.96]Guess what. I made Emma laugh today. 猜猜怎么了,我今天逗艾犸笑了
[05:37.63]You what? And I missed it.. 你什么?而我竟然错过…
[05:40.17]because I was giving a makeover to that stupid hippie?! 都是因为要帮那 愚蠢的嬉皮改变造型?
[05:44.61]Yeah, and it was like a real little person laugh too. 是啊,而且就像是小大人的笑喔!
[05:48.98]It was like: 就像是…
[05:57.45]Only not creepy. 只不过不像这样吓人
[06:00.96]- What did you do to make her laugh? - I.. -你做了什么逗她笑? -我…
[06:04.43]Well, I sang. Actually.. 嗯,我唱了歌 其实…
[06:07.26]I rapped.. 是饶舌歌…
[06:10.13]"Baby Got Back." “宝贝,你的马达真正”
[06:13.50]You what? 你什么?
[06:15.50]You sang to our baby daughter.. 你对着我们的宝贝女儿唱…
[06:19.01]a song about a guy who likes to have sex.. 一首关于男人想要跟巨大屁股女人…
[06:22.14]with women with giant asses? 上床的歌?
[06:24.85]You know what, if you think about it.. 你知道吗?如果你仔细想想…
[06:27.08]it actually promotes a healthy body image.. 它事实上是在提倡健康的身体观念…
[06:31.65]because even big butts.. 因为即使是大屁股…
[06:34.19]or "juicy doubles" are.. 或是“可口多汁的双颊”都是…
[06:42.00]Please don't take her away from me. 请不要把她从我身边带走
[06:50.30]Hi, come on in. I'm Catherine, the listing agent. 嗨,请进 我是凯瑟琳,仲介商
[06:53.74]Hi, I'm Joey. This is Chandler. 嗨,我是乔伊,这是钱德
[06:55.48]So how come Richard's selling the place? Went bankrupt? 为什么李察要卖掉这地方呢? 破产了吗?
[06:59.38]Medical malpractice? Choked on his own mustache? 医疗误诊?被自己的胡子噎死吗?
[07:04.65]He's buying a much bigger place. It's got a great view of Central Park.. 他要买一间更大的公寓 景观很棒,可以看到中央公园…
[07:08.66]That's enough out of you. 你说够了!
[07:10.39]Is there anything we should know about the place? 这地方有什么我们应该要知道的吗?
[07:13.26]All the appliances are included. There's a lot of light, a new kitchen. 电器用品全部都包含 光线充足,还有新的厨房
[07:17.93]I think you guys would be very happy here. 我想你们俩住在这里一定会很快乐
[07:27.74]No, we're not together. We're definitely not a couple. 不,我们没有在一起 我们绝对不是一对
[07:31.08]- Okay. Sorry. - That's all right. -好的,抱歉 -没关系
[07:34.25]Wow, you seemed pretty insulted by that. 哇,你看起来好像是被侮辱了一样
[07:37.92]What, I'm not good enough for you? 是怎样?我配不上你吗?
[07:41.36]We are not gonna have this conversation again. 我们不要再讨论这个问题了
[07:45.03]Look at this place. Why am I so intimidated by this guy? 瞧瞧这地方 我为什么备受这家伙的威胁呢?
[07:48.73]Pretentious art. This huge, macho couch. 矫情的艺术品,这张大又阳刚的沙发
[07:52.67]When we know all he does is sit around.. 我们知道他只会坐在那边…
[07:55.10]crying about losing Monica to a real man. 哭泣着为什么摩妮卡会离开他 而投入一个真正男人的怀抱
[07:58.94]- You don't think he's here, do you? - I don't know. -他应该不在这里吧,对吗? -我不知道
[08:01.91]It's a nice place, but I gotta say, I don't know if I see myself living here. 这是个好地方,但是我必须要说 我不知道我能不能住得习惯
[08:07.18]Well, let me see. 嗯,让我们来试试看
[08:16.09]Yeah, I can see it. 是的,我可以住得习惯
[08:19.19]Look at these videos. I mean, who does he think he is? 瞧瞧这些录影带 他以为他是谁啊?
[08:22.90]Magnum Force, Dirty Harry, Cool Hand Luke. 《辣手神探追魂枪》、《紧急追捕令》 《铁窗喋血》
[08:26.60]- Oh, my God. - What? -喔,我的天 -怎么了?
[08:28.90]There's a tape here with Monica's name on it. 有一卷带子上面有摩妮卡的名字
[08:31.97]A tape with a girl's name on it. It's probably a sex tape. 有一卷带子上面有女生的名字 可能是性爱绿影带
[08:37.25]Wait a minute. 等一下
[08:38.81]This says "Monica." 上面写着“摩妮卡”…
[08:42.35]And this is Richard's apartment. 而且这里是李察的公寓
[08:47.62]Get there faster! 快点想!
[09:06.27]Wow. You look.. 哇,你看起来…
[09:08.94]like my mom. 真像我妈
[09:11.85]I'm wearing pantyhose. 我有穿丝袜
[09:15.78]- Great! Come on in. - Okay. -太棒了!请进 -好的
[09:21.52]Thank you. 谢谢
[09:24.16]- Oh, my God. You're rich. - No, my parents are rich. -喔,我的天,你真有钱 -不,是我父母亲有钱
[09:27.50]Well, so? They gotta die someday. Hello! 喔,那又如何呢?他们有天也会死的 哈??
[09:31.17]Mom, Dad, this is Phoebe. 爸妈,这是菲比
[09:32.97]Phoebe, these are my parents, Theodore and Bitsy. 菲比,他们是我父母 希尔多跟贝西
[09:35.90]Theodore, Bitsy.. 希尔多,贝西…
[09:39.31]what a delight. 很高兴能与你们见面
[09:42.54]- It's so nice to finally meet you. - And you. -终于见到你真是太高兴了 -我也是
[09:46.28]Your home is lovely. 你们家真是美好
[09:49.18]Thank you. I'll give you a tour later. It's actually three floors. 谢谢,等一下我可以带你参观 这里其实有三层楼
[09:52.85]Holy crap! 妈妈咪啊!
[09:56.52]Why don't you come meet our friends. 过来认识我们的朋友吧!
[09:59.69]Try and stop me. 试试挡我看看
[10:01.83]- What are you doing? - Trying to get your parents to like me. -你在做什么呢? -试着让你父母亲喜欢我
[10:05.67]I'm sure they will, but you don't have to do this. 我相信他们会的,但是你不用这样假
[10:08.54]I want them to get to know Phoebe, not "Phoebe." 我要他们认识菲比,不是“妃妣”
[10:12.11]It is fun, though, isn't it? 不过很好玩,不是吗?
[10:15.48]- You've got it. - All right. -知道了 -好了
[10:17.75]It's hard to stop. 很难停止
[10:20.78]Well, come on. 好了,来吧
[10:22.52]Phoebe, these are our friends Tom and Sue Engel. 菲比,这是我们的朋友 汤姆跟苏安格
[10:26.19]Phoebe, come sit. Tell us a little bit about yourself. 菲比,来坐下 跟我们介绍一下你自己
[10:29.99]- So where are you from? - Okay. -你是哪里人呢? -好的
[10:32.89]Well, all right. Originally, I'm from upstate.. 嗯,好的,我本来是上州人…
[10:36.60]but then my mom killed herself, and my stepdad went to prison. 但是后来我妈自杀,然后继父去坐牢
[10:41.17]So I moved to the city, where I lived in a burned-out Buick LeSabre for a while. 所以我就搬到市中心 住在一辆火烧车里一阵子
[10:45.91]Which was okay. That was okay. 那倒是没关系,还好啦
[10:48.31]Until I got hepatitis, you know.. 直到我染上肝炎,你知道的…
[10:51.11]because this pimp spit in my mouth and.. 因为有个坏蛋吐口水到我嘴里然后…
[10:55.12]But I got over it. 但是我已经好了
[10:56.72]And, anyway, now I'm a freelance massage therapist.. 然后,反正现在我是 自由按摩治疗师…
[11:01.89]which isn't always steady money, but at least I don't pay taxes. 赚的钱不是很稳固,但至少不用缴税
[11:13.73]So where does everyone summer? 那大家都到哪度暑假呢?
[11:19.61]I'm not gonna watch it. I don't need to watch it. 我不会看的,我不需要看
[11:23.58]I mean, what good could possibly come from watching it? 我是说,看了又有什么好处呢?
[11:28.15]Well, we know I'm gonna watch it. 嗯,我们知道我还是要看
[11:31.52]- Hey, dude, what's up? - Don't judge me! I'm only human! -嘿,兄弟,怎么了? -别审判我!我只不过是个普通人!
[11:36.06]Did you take that tape? 你拿走那卷带子吗?
[11:37.63]I had to! Imagine you were married and you found a tape of your wife.. 我必须要!假设你结婚了 然后你发现一卷你老婆带子…
[11:41.40]in another guy's apartment. Wouldn't you need to know what was on it? 在另一个男人的公寓里 你难道不想知道里面是什么吗?
[11:44.97]I don't know. Who am I married to? 我不知道,我跟谁结婚呢?
[11:49.47]Some girl. 某个女孩子
[11:51.14]She hot? 她辣吗?
[11:54.58]How did she get me to settle down? 她是怎么让我定下来的?
[11:58.18]All right, I'm gonna watch it. 好了,我要看
[12:00.15]I mean, it's probably not even what I think it is. 我是说,或许根本不是我想的那样
[12:03.18]Even if it is, it can't possibly be as bad as what I'm picturing in my head. 即使是,或许也不像我在脑海中 想像的情景那样糟糕
[12:07.56]Can it? 会吗?
[12:10.32]In my experience, if a girl says yes to being taped.. 依据我的经验 如果女生答应可以录下来…
[12:13.89]she doesn't say no to much else, I'll tell you. 其它的也就都不会拒绝了 我跟你说
[12:18.93]- Then you have to watch it for me. - What? -那你先帮我看 -什么?
[12:21.37]Just for a few seconds so I can know what it is. Please? 几秒钟就好,让我知道那是什么,拜托
[12:25.47]All right, fine. But if I enjoy this, you have only yourself to blame! 好啦,可以,但是万一我很乐在其中 你就只能怪你自己!
[12:34.98]- Why am I hearing cheering? - It's okay. It's just a football game. -为什么我听到欢呼声? -没关系,是足球赛
[12:39.29]- It's just football? - You were all worried for nothing. -只是足球赛? -你担心是多余的
[12:43.12]It's football! It's just football! 是足球!只是足球!
[12:45.19]This is great! This is the first time I've ever enjoyed football! 太棒了!这是我第一次真正喜欢足球!
[12:48.50]I think it may be customary to get a beer. 我想这时候喝啤酒很对味
[12:52.93]What the..? 搞什么…?
[12:57.10]- What are you doing? - You don't wanna see what I just saw! -你在做什么? -你不想要看到我刚看到的东西!
[13:01.21]What are you guys doing? 你们在做什么?
[13:03.38]Oh, my God! Is that Richard? 喔,我的天!那是李察吗?
[13:11.45]- Oh, God, this is not going well. - No, you're doing fine. Really. -喔,天啊,真是进行的不顺利 -不,你做的很好,真的
[13:15.69]- Why don't you go talk to my dad. - Okay, okay, okay. -你何不去找我爸聊聊 -好,好的,好的
[13:19.46]- Still sure about me being myself? - Absolutely. -还确定要我做我自己吗? -当然
[13:22.20]Though maybe just a little less "pimp spit." 或许少说一些“坏蛋吐口水”的事
[13:30.14]So, Theodore, I can see where Mike gets his good looks from. 希尔多,我现在知道麦克的帅气外表 是遗传自谁的了
[13:35.51]Well.. 嗯…
[13:37.08]- You must work out all the time. - Not all the time. I do the best I can. -你一定经常做运动 -不是很常,不过我尽量
[13:41.98]Yeah, I bet. Look out! 是啊,我想也是,看招!
[13:44.92]- Oh, my God. Are you okay? - I recently had surgery. -喔,我的天,你还好吗? -我最近刚动完手术
[13:48.82]- I'm so sorry. - No, I'll be fine. -我很抱歉 -没关系,我没事
[13:51.43]- I just should check the stitches. - I really am sorry. -我只是应该要去检查一下伤口 -我真的很抱歉
[13:54.66]How could you know? Why wouldn't you punch me in the stomach? 你怎么会知道呢? 为什么你不会打我肚子呢?
[14:01.20]Did you just hit my dad? 你刚刚是不是打了我爸?
[14:04.04]Yes. I'm sorry. I've never met a boyfriend's parents before. 是的,我很抱歉 我从来没有见过男朋友的父母亲
[14:08.28]But, I mean, you have met humans before, right? 但是,你总该有见过人,对吗?
[14:11.48]Why don't you go talk to my mom. 你何不去找我妈聊聊
[14:13.58]Okay, yeah, your mom. She looks nice. I can talk to her. 好的,你妈,她看起来很和善 我可以跟她聊的
[14:17.12]You do that, and I'm gonna go check my dad for signs of internal bleeding. 你去聊吧! 我要去看看我爸是不是有内出血的现象
[14:23.59]Bitsy? Listen, I wanted to thank you again for having me here tonight. 贝西,我想要再次谢谢你 邀请我今晚过来
[14:28.16]Well, not at all. 喔,不用客气
[14:29.53]Also, I just want you to know what a wonderful man your son is. 还有,我只想让你知道 你儿子是个很棒的男人
[14:33.30]- Thank you. I think so too. - It's a testament to how he was raised. -谢谢,我也这么认为 -一切都是他受了良好的家庭教育
[14:38.04]Especially to you, because he's very respectful of women. 尤其是你的功劳 因为他十分尊重女性
[14:41.24]- Is he really? - He is so considerate of my feelings. -他真的吗? -他非常体贴我的感受
[14:45.21]You know, I think you'd also like to know that he is a very gentle lover. 我认为你也会想知道 他是个非常温柔的爱人
[14:54.09]Excuse me? 什么?
[14:56.22]No, don't get me wrong. No, not in like a sissy way. 不,别误会我 不,不是那种娘娘腔的样子
[14:59.93]When he gets going.. 当他疯起来的时候…
[15:01.93]he can rattle a headboard like a sailor on leave. 他可是像休假的船员一样神勇
[15:08.34]That's.. my boy. 那就是…我儿子
[15:18.11]Awesome. 酷毙了
[15:22.35]Okay, please laugh for Mommy. Please? 好了,帮妈咪笑一笑 拜托
[15:26.59]Please laugh for Mommy. 请为妈咪笑一个
[15:32.69]Not funny, huh? 不好笑,对吧?
[15:34.83]Well, so is it.. 嗯,所以是不是…
[15:36.96]only offensive novelty rap? 只有低级好玩的饶舌歌才行呢?
[15:41.17]Or maybe just, you know, rap in general. Because Mommy can rap. 或是或许只要是饶舌歌都行 因为妈咪会饶舌喔
[15:51.38]I can't rap. 我不会饶舌
[15:55.78]All right, sweetheart. This is only because I love you so much. 好了,亲爱的,这只是因为我太爱你了
[16:01.19]And I know that you're not gonna tell anybody. 而且我知道你不会告诉别人
[16:38.69]Emma, you're laughing! You are! 艾犸,你在笑!你笑了!
[16:41.53]You really do like big butts, don't you? 你真的很喜欢大屁股,对不对?
[16:46.37]You beautiful little weirdo. 你这个漂亮的小怪蛋
[16:51.27]You missed it! She was laughing! 你错过了!她刚刚在笑!
[16:54.41]It was amazing. 真是不可思议
[16:56.08]It was amazing. It was the most beautiful, beautiful sound. 是很不可思议,那就像是最美妙的声音
[17:00.35]I know, isn't it? What'd you do to get her to laugh? 我知道,可不是吗? 你做了什么逗她笑?
[17:05.89]You know, I just.. A couple of things I tried. Different.. 你知道的,我只不过… 试了一些东西,不同的…
[17:09.36]Just sang a little "The Itsy-Bitsy Spider." 只是唱了一点“痒痒小蜘蛛”
[17:12.89]You sang "Baby Got Back, " didn't you? 你唱了“宝贝,你的马达真正” 对不对?
[17:15.93]Nothing else worked! That girl is all about the ass! 其它的方法都没有用! 这女孩就是喜欢屁屁!
[17:21.54]And then it goes back to the chorus. 然后再回到主旋律
[17:28.11]Resolve. And that's the end of the song. 然后那就是歌曲的结尾
[17:32.88]I realize you hadn't asked to hear it.. 我知道你们没有要我唱…
[17:36.12]but no one had spoken in 17 minutes. 但是已经有十七分钟没有人说话了
[17:39.92]Phoebe writes lots of songs. What was that one you sang the other night? 菲比创作了许多歌曲 你那天晚上唱的歌是什么呢?
[17:45.43]"Pervert Parade"? 《变态游行》吗?
[17:49.20]- "Ode to a Pubic Hair"? - Stop. -《阴毛颂》吗? -停止
[17:56.64]Oh, God. Is that veal? 喔,天啊,这是小牛肉吗?
[17:59.01]Mom, I thought I told you, Phoebe's a vegetarian. 妈,我以为我跟你说过菲比是素食者
[18:02.71]No, that's okay. That's okay. I mean, I am a vegetarian.. 不,没关系,没关系 我是说,我是素食者…
[18:06.78]except for veal. Yeah. No. Veal I love. 不过我吃小牛肉 是的,我爱吃小牛肉
[18:10.62]- Phoebe, you don't have to eat that. - Any baby animals. Kittens, fish babies. -菲比,你可以不用吃的 -我喜欢任何小动物食物,小猫,小鱼
[18:15.99]But, you know, especially veal. 但是,尤其喜欢小牛肉
[18:18.43]You know, and this nice vein of fat running through it. 这上面还有带一点很棒的肥肉
[18:37.44]Yummy. 好吃
[18:50.29]So.. 那…
[18:52.63]what do you think? 你们觉得如何呢?
[18:57.87]So you stole that tape from Richard's apartment? 所以你从李察的公寓偷了这卷带子?
[19:01.47]Listen to the judgment from the porn star! 听听这三级片脱星在批评我!
[19:05.77]That tape was never meant to be seen by.. 那带子本来就不是要让…
[19:09.34]Joey, I would feel more comfortable if this conversation were in private. 乔伊,我希望可以私下谈论这件事
[19:13.41]Monica, look, I don't think you and I have any secrets anymore. 摩妮卡,听着,我不认为 你我之间有存在任何秘密了
[19:19.59]Not ready to joke about it yet? See you later. 还没有准备好可以开玩笑吗?待会见
[19:22.56]Why in the world would you take this tape? And why would you watch it? 你为什么要拿这卷带子呢? 而且为什么要看呢?
[19:26.53]Because that's who I am. Okay? 因为我就是这样的人,好吗?
[19:29.53]I'm sure a man like Richard could see a tape like that and not be bothered. 我相信像李察那样的男人可以 看这样的带子而且不会被说教
[19:33.43]It'd just be another saucy anecdote.. 这只不过是个黄色的小插曲…
[19:36.00]for him to share at his men's club over brandy and mustaches. 让他可以在他的男性俱乐部里 边喝着白兰地摸着胡子和兄弟们分享
[19:40.84]Is all of this about you not being able to grow a mustache? 这一切跟你没有办法长胡子有关吗?
[19:45.25]This is about you and Richard. He's clearly not over you. 这跟你还有李察有关 很明显地他还没有忘记你
[19:48.38]He keeps a tape so he can look at it whenever he wants. 他保留这带子让他可以 在任何想的时候就看
[19:51.39]Isn't that sad? Can't you see how pathetic that is? 那不是很悲惨吗? 你看不出来这是多可悲的事吗?
[19:55.32]Don't be jealous. You should feel bad for him. 别吃醋了,你应该为他感到可怜
[19:57.96]Yeah, well, poor Richard, he.. 是啊,可怜的李察,他…
[20:00.93]I can grow a mustache. 我可以长胡子的
[20:04.40]This is not our problem. We have each other. That's all that matters. 这不是我们的问题,我们拥有彼此 这是最重要的
[20:09.84]But I just keep picturing you rolling around with him, with your.. 但是我就是忘不了你滚在他身边 穿着你的…
[20:14.78]cowboy boots in the air. 牛仔靴子在空中晃来晃去
[20:17.74]Cowboy boots? I've never worn cowboy boots in my whole life. 牛仔靴子?我这辈子 从没有穿过牛仔靴子
[20:22.75]Good, good. Play more because I wanna see how it ends. 很好,非常好,再多放一点 因为我想看结局是怎样
[20:26.92]- That's not me! - What? -那不是我! -什么?
[20:31.63]That's not you! Life is good again! 那不是你!美好的生命 又再度来临了!
[20:35.56]Ride 'em, cowgirl! 骑上去,牛仔女!
[20:38.77]That bastard taped over me! 那浑蛋录了别人在我的带子上!
[20:44.10]Is that a problem? 那有什么问题吗?
[20:46.77]It's just so insulting. Spring for a new blank tape, doctor! 真是太侮辱人了 花钱买新的空白带子嘛,医师!
[20:51.95]Yes, but the important thing is that we have each other, right? 是的,但是重要的是我们拥有彼此 不是吗?
[20:56.05]Well, yeah. It's just so rude! 嗯,是的,不过这非常没礼貌!
[21:00.45]- And the way we did it was a lot better.. - Are you going to finish that sentence? -我们做的方式要比那个好太多… -你要把这个句子说完吗?
[21:06.43]I can't imagine what he sees in her. 我无法想像他在她身上 看到什么吸引人的
[21:08.76]She actually makes me miss that pill-popping ex-wife of his. 她还真让我怀念起他那嗑药的前妻
[21:14.23]Hello, dear. 哈???装?
[21:16.77]- What's going on? - We were just chitchatting. -怎么了? -我们只是在随便聊聊
[21:19.91]- How's your friend? - A little better. -你的朋友还好吗? -有好一点了
[21:23.04]Do you know who's moving back into town? Tom and Sue's daughter, Jen. 你知道谁要搬回城里了吗? 汤姆跟苏的女儿,珍
[21:27.68]You remember her, Michael. She's lovely, well-behaved and single. 你记得她的,麦克 她很可爱,行为举止端庄,而且单身
[21:32.42]- I'm not interested. - Please, darling, let's be honest. -我没有兴趣 -拜托,亲爱的,我们老实说
[21:36.69]You can have all the sailor fun you want with that one. 你跟那个也可以享受像船员般的乐趣的
[21:40.86]- But let's be real. - All right, stop. -但是我们要面对现实 -好了,停
[21:43.10]All Phoebe has done is try and get you to like her. Maybe it's not clear.. 菲比所做的一切都是为了要让 你们喜欢她,或许不是很明显…
[21:47.80]but she did her best. 但是她已经尽力而为了
[21:49.47]- She's a little different than you are. - Michael, a pimp spit in her mouth. -她是跟你们有点不同 -麦克,一个坏蛋吐口水在她嘴里
[21:56.24]So what? If I can get past that, it shouldn't bother you. 那又如何?如果我都无所谓了 你们有什么好在乎的
[21:59.78]You don't have to like her. Just accept the fact that I do. 你们没有必要去喜欢她 只需要接受我喜欢她的事实就可以
[22:03.18]If you can't even be civil to the woman I love.. 如果你们无法对我爱的女人…
[22:05.79]- The woman you what? - Yeah, the woman you what? -你什么的女人? -是啊,你什么的女人?
[22:11.89]The woman I love. 我爱的女人
[22:18.27]I love you. 我爱你
[22:21.44]Something I shouldn't say for the first time, in front of my parents.. 我不该当我父母面前 第一次说这种话
[22:26.27]and Tom and Sue. 还有汤姆跟苏面前
[22:28.61]Who are, by the way, the most sinfully boring people I've ever met in my life. 对了,他们是我一生中 遇过最无聊的人
[22:36.35]- I love you too. - You do? -我也爱你 -真的?
[22:40.75]How great is this? 很棒吗?
[22:46.13]Wanna get out of here? 想要离开这里吗?
[22:48.16]- Mom, Dad. Thanks for dinner. - I had a great time. -爸妈,谢谢你们的晚餐 -我很开心
[22:52.60]It was really top-drawer. And here's something rich. 这里真的很高级,而且更棒的是…
[22:56.87]Thirteen bathrooms in this place, I threw up in the coat closet. 这里有十三间浴室 但是我吐在衣帽间里面
[23:01.44]Ta-ta! 拜了!
[23:24.80]One more time from the top! 从头再来一次!
[23:34.27]Rachel, please! That is so inappropriate! 瑞秋,拜托! 这实在太不恰当了!

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