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mahout/[mə'haut]/ n。 象夫。。。


A grocer built up a greenhouse nearby a gulf. On the day the greenhouse was open to the public, the grocer greeted the guests at the door. The greeting to all the guests took more than half an hour. His wife ground coffee beans for the guests. The smell greeted every one. All of the guests spent a wonderful day. But that night, the greenhouse caught fire. The frightened wife gripped her husband's arm. It grieved them to see the greenhouse burning into ashes. The couple groaned in pain. They should be certainly on guard. The gross of the damage was 50 thousand dollars. The next day, the arsonist was arrested at a gymnasium. He was a guy who chewed gum all the time. His language and behavior were gross. He exploded the gunpowder for fun but it caused the fire. The arsonist was only 14. He wasn't grown-up. He needed some guidance in his growth, but his parents died years ago. Having known everything, the grocer gave up the prosecution. Instead of this, he wanted to adopt the boy! Then the boy felt guilty. He gave his guarantee that he would never do bad things again.
Mr. Arnold was a man who hewed to the line. He had his haircut once a month. He had his habitual breakfast, hamburger and ham sandwich every morning. That morning, it hailed heavily. Mr. Collins, a neighbor lived close at hand, asked his help. His daughter was boxed up in the forest. Mr. Arnold was hampered by a difficulty. He didn't have his useful tools on hand expect a hammer made by hand. But the custom of helping each other had been handed down in that village. So he promised to handle the situation. On the one hand Mr. Arnold invited a handful of villagers, on the other hand he called the police. They would act hand in hand. Every villager handed in an application to express his determination. The villagers handed on the girl's photographs. Mr. Arnold handed out the handbooks to everyone. He asked them to read the handout carefully. The police came and Mr. Arnold handed over command of the action. Then they set out. From time to time, they halted for a rest because Mr. Collins was handicapped by his eyesight. They had the situation well in hand. An hour later, they found the girl's handkerchief. The success was on hand. They soon found her! The whole village hailed the returning heroes! Christmas was at hand, the girl recovered. She brought a handful flowers to Mr. Arnold.
Jacob loved his wife very much. His tastes were in harmony with hers, which brought them into harmony. They ran a hardware store weekdays. On weekends, they hatched chickens or went hunting for hares. The harvest of crops was bad that year because of the flood. The government ordered to harness the fiver. Many men including Jamb volunteered to help. They stayed on the riverbank day and night. Their homes were quite handy, but everyone hung on to their work. Hardly anybody left his post. Two month later, Jacob hardly finished his work when he hastened home. But he was shocked to see that his wife was with an escaped criminal! "Harboring criminals is an offence in law!" Jacob said to his wife. She looked at him with hatred, "I want to divorce you." He said to his wife, "It is harmful for you to make a hasty decision. I will give you some more time." He left home in haste. Jacob found a job on a harbor. He hauled the fish into the boat everyday. It was a hateful job. But a strong man would bear hardship without complaining. Life on a boat had hardened him. At night, Jamb hung about at the harbor. There was a handy place for the telephone. He wanted to call his wife, but always hung back. One night, he did call. A man answered the phone, "Hang on, she is coming. Darling, your call." Jacob hung up the phone. His heart was broken.
One morning, I cast a glance at the headlines of the newspaper. And a heading attracted my attention, A Hero! Last Sunday, the headquarters of the Fire Department received a call from a village. A heap of hay caught fire! The firemen had their uniforms on then headed for the village. Every fireman must get the rules by heart. One of the rules was to serve the people heart and soul. Victor remembered this by heart. His manners were rough, but he was a kind man at heart. A couple had lost their heads, "Good Heavens! Our daughter was in the room! Oh, if she had died, may her soul rest in heaven!" Victors hearing was as good as a hawk, so he heard this. The fire burned head on. But Victor was a man who never lost heart. He kept his head in any case. The couple saw him rush into the fire! Victor hazarded his life to save the child. But when he got acrossthe hedge, he hurt his heel. After this action, Victor had gotten to stay at home for a period of time. When he was healthy again, the couple invited him to a dinner. They gave him a hearty welcome. And they had a hearty meal together.
Fred was the only heir of his father's heritage. A herd of buffaloes was a part of it. There was a strict hierarchy in his family. Only sons could be heirs. Some gangsters kidnapped Fred. His life had been hell since. They even forced him to take heroin. The gangsters hijacked a helicopter. They planned to fly to a highland in the Western Hemisphere. The police sent a team to stop them, They drove motorcycles on the highway to chase the helicopter, All of the policemen wore helmets to protect themselves. The chase was the highlight of the whole event. A policewoman shot at the helicopter. The hind wheel of it was shot down. And its door was off the hinges. That hindered the helicopter from heightening further. The gangsters had to land. And the police captured them successfully. The sad gangsters said that they would not do it henceforth. Saving the hostage's life was a heroic act. The policewoman was a heroine in Fred s eyes. He could not help falling in love with her. Both of them sat on a grassy hillside, Fred hesitated to speak. His hesitation nearly cost him the chance. Finally, he slowed down to highlight his point, "We have no chance to meet each other hence, But I'd like to see you every day." There was a subtle hint in his words. The policewoman smiled. She agreed to see him again without hesitation.
An honorable historian studied historical events and people. His book opened up new horizons for people. His hobby was to collect homogeneous animals' horns home and abroad. The horns were holy to him. November 20, 1978 was a historic day for the historian. He got married and began his honeymoon on the sea. The weather forecast said horrible weather was coming. His wife was filled with horror at the news. But the historian made his choice and he would hold on to the end. When danger came, he would not hold back. He was on his honor to ensure her safety. She was sure of his honesty. So the sailors hoisted the flags and set sail. From the third day, it rained. The rain held on. The ship held out against strong wind and big waves. The food supplies held out for a week. The voyage had been held up by the horrible weather. Three days later, the sun appeared above the horizon. The historian drew a horizontal line on the date to remember it. His wife caught fish with fishhooks for fun. The next adventure they took was to go across the African jungle. But the thieves held up their truck and took everything in it. Only a hollow lamp holder was left. The searching team did not find the couple. Whether they were alive or not, this was a riddle hitherto unknown. That year, the country set up a holiday in honor of the historian.
Mr. Dewey and Mrs. Dewey had a small hut. They were a couple of nice humanity. The host was humorous. He had a great sense of humor. The hostess was humble. She kept house well. Every morning, she hosed the flowers in the garden. They had a dog named horsepower. The whole household worked very hard. Their hospitality left all of the guests a very good impression. It was humid that evening. The hut was not comfortable because of the high humidity. Mr. Dewey hungered after a cup of hot coffee and Mrs. Dewey had a hunger for a sunny day. Just then, three strangers came in. Horsepower was hostile to them. Mr. Dewey made three hypotheses, but only proved ,one. That is, they were bandits! The bandits kept them as hostages. They frightened the couple saying that they had a hydrogen bomb! Mrs. Dewey cried hysterically. Horsepower rushed out of the hut. Mr. Dewey wished the police would hurry up and come. With the help of the dog, the police did. come in a hurry! They saved the couple. Mr. Dewey hugged his wife. They would never forget, that night!
Joseph and his mother lived in a house built in imitation of a Roman Villa. His appearance was identical to his mother, Anyone could identify that he was her son. The identification was quite easy. It would be ideal if only Joseph was not a deaf mute. He was an illiterate child, i.e. he was ignorant. It seemed that the boy liked to idle away his time. He often ate icy ice-cream for an hour! It was illegal to discriminate against disabled people. But such things happened everyday. Joseph's mother ignored others' scoffing. In her eyes, Joseph was a boy of rich imagination. She gave us an illustration. Joseph liked books full of illustrations. Though all the characters in the books were imaginary, he liked them so much. He even could imitate them perfectly. One night, Joseph's mother was woken up by her son. Joseph approached a firework to ignite it. The firework illuminated the night sky. Then, Joseph gave his mother a picture. It was her image! He drew it for her! Oh, you can imagine how surprised his mother was. She hugged her son immediately. You would not believe it, but it was true that Joseph became an imaginative artist later.
In the 1950s, many immigrants from other countries came to this country. They immersed themselves in work. This caused a notable impact on the local economy. The impact impaired the power of the imperialistic country. The newspapers became impatient at first. It incited the government to impose tax on all of the immigrants. None of them would be immune. It also said that some immigrants should be imprisoned because they had seized an immense amount of money from the local people. The implication of its statement was to give the immigrants an implicit threat. The immigrants seemed to be immune to the threat. Comparing the threat to a kind of disease, they were immune to it. But silence didn't imply consent. The President recognized the importance to improve on the relationship between the two sides. He was a person who was rather impartial. So the people had implicit trust in him. He said, "We cannot do improper things on an impulse. It is impossible to impose our wishes on somebody else. The government is implementing a new policy to help the unemployed. Next we will import more scientific implements to improve our work efficiency." The impressive speech by the President gave the people an impetus to reunite the country.
Last year, Mr. Hardy's factory incorporated with a chemical plant. The workers' job was to remove impurities from the silver. Mr. Hardy's income had increased 200 % over the last year. Incidentally, it didn't include his new house. That was incredible. His high cost of living index incurred a prosecutor's suspicion. What was the incidence of the tax? Why was Mr. Hardy's office inaccessible to anyone else? His investigation was indicative of his interest in this problem. And his independent thinking helped him to find the truth. The index to the factory's accounts indicated that Mr. Hardy defalcated. The workers were inclined to believe him innocent. But the fact became increasingly apparent. Mr. Hardy was a grafter indeed. Mr. Hardy was totally incapable. He did not fulfill his individual responsibility at all. An indispensable trial was held. There were fifty people present, inclusive of some workers. Mr. Hardy's explanation was inadequate. His manner was very indifferent. The workers were indignant. To their indignation, he had cheated them. After the trial, Mr. Hardy stayed indoors for a whole afternoon. Then he drove his car out. The road he took had a deep incline. His car rolled over then exploded. The incident remained very clearly in the witnesses' minds.
  去年,哈迪先生的工厂与一家化工厂合并了。工人们的工作是去掉银金属里的杂质。哈迪先生的收入去年增加了 200%。顺便提及,这还不包括他的一幢新房。那是不可思议的。他的高生活消费指数招致了一名检察官的怀疑;税收发生在谁身上?为什么哈迪先生的办公室其他任何人都达不到?他的调查暗示了他在这个问题上的兴趣。而他的独立思考帮助他找到事情真相。工厂账目的索引表明哈迪先生贪污。工人们倾向于相信他是无辜的。但事实日益明显。哈迪先生实际上是个贪污犯。作为一个董事来说,哈迪先生完全无能。他根本没有履行他个人的职责。必不可少的审讯举行了。有50人在场,包括一些工人在内。哈迪先生的解释很不充足。他的态度又非常冷淡。工人们很愤慨。让他们愤慨的是他欺骗了他们。审讯之后,哈迪先生在室内待了整整一个下午。然后他开车出去了。他走的那条路有一个很陡的斜坡。他的车子翻转然后爆炸了。这场事故深深印在目击者的脑海里。
This country was an industrial country. The industry was beginning its initial prosperity. The western city was a highly industrialized area. Mr. Spencer worked in a factory there. Because he believed success came from industry, he was very industrious. He had an inherent interest in induced current and in the induction field. Mr. Spencer developed an infrared medical tool. He inferred from the market survey that it had great market value. Mr. Spencer informed his boss of the important information. His boss was rather influential in the government circles. Though the boss worried the inevitable inflation could influence the factory, he encouraged his inferiors to produce the new product. Even though hard work induced tiredness; Mr. Spencer had no feeling of inertia. No one could induce him to leave his office except his son, a lovely infant, Mr. Spencer researched the ingredients of the infant's food. He kept his son from the infectious flu. He taught him the initial letter of the word "London" was L. Teaching infants took infinite patience. Fortunately, his son inherited the father's' ingenious mind. Sometimes they drove out to a hill. The car would move faster and faster down the hill because of inertia. And the boy often broke into an infectious laugh. The family lived a district thickly inhabited. The inhabitants there all liked this little boy.
An incident happened in an inland town. An innocent child died oddly in an inn. His mother was injured badly too. A doctor injected the drug into her arm to help her calm down. Since no other people were present, the mother was suspected. The suspicion was a severe injury to her heart. Losing the son caused instability of her mood. An inspector was sent to inspect it. He was a man of deep insight. He inquired the way of a local person. Upon inquiry, he learnt that the inn was near an inlet. The police had blocked the inlet to the inn. A policeman took the inspector to an inner room. He inserted the key into the lock then opened it. The inspector saw the woman. She insisted on her innocence. The inspector's inner feelings told him that she was innocent. The woman said that on that night they were sleeping when innumerable insects flew into the room. Then she lost her consciousness. The inspector inputted the information of the insects into a computer. He found out that the insect was the killer! It was a kind of poisonous insect. To avoid more tragedies, the inspector initiated an innovation. He was the initiative person of the innovation. His wife was a constant inspiration to him. Inspired by the lamp, the inspector installed an electrical installation to attract that kind of insect. Once it touched the installation, it would die.
Mr. Edwards worked as an instructor in a medical institute. As a scientific institution, the institutions there were strict. The integrity and high intelligence were integral parts of a good intellectual. Mr. Edwards never insulted his students. Instead of, he treated them as friends. He taught the students how to integrate theory with practice. For instance, rubber was used to insulate electrical wires. He taught the students to make the insulator. His method of instruction was most suitable. Since the medical instruments were insufficient, the institute imported some. All the goods were received in- tact. The instructions were in the boxes. Mr. Edwards's class got a new instrument. Mr. Edwards was drinking a cup of instant coffee at that time. Hearing of this, he came back to the classroom instantly. Then he saw a student was going to touch a red button on the instrument. Mr. Edwards acted on instinct to run towards him. He intended to stop the student. But it was too late. The instrument exploded. Mr. Edwards made an instantaneous decision. He covered the student with his own body. After the explosion, the instrument was still there, but not in its integrity. Furthermore, Mr. Edwards was injured. The insurance company insured him. Mr. Edwards was insulated because of his sickness. All the students missed him.
Nowadays, the international situation is rather intricate. All things are interacted on each other. In the period that intervened April 1 and November 1 last year, two countries invaded each other at intervals. The people in these two countries heard intermittent gunshot day and night. The pain in the people's hearts increased in intensity. It was not right for any country to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries. So the United Nations had to intervene. It introduced a diplomat to those two countries. The diplomat was on intimate terms with the leaders of both sides. He was a person who could tell things accurately by intuition. Before leaving, the diplomat reapplied for his passport because his former one was invalid. An intense young interpreter accompanied him. The young man had passed the intermediate level exam of English. In an interior city, both sides' leaders interviewed the diplomat. At the meeting, the diplomat made an interesting speech. His speech was interrupted by applause at intervals. The two countries had the intention of peace. The problem was solved by intensive efforts! A friendly intercourse was rebuilt between the two countries. The interior trade in both countries boomed again.
Freedom is invaluable for any country. So the invasion from an enemy country irritated an Italian scientist. He invested all his money in inventing a new kind of weapon that could work by itself. The experiment involved irregular ion movement theory and isotope theory. The scientist had to have the work done, irrespective of the cost. No one except his mother could visit his laboratory without invitation. His mother ironed his shirt for him every morning. On the day that the Italian scientist completed his invention, he smiled. His smile showed his inward happiness. The investment was regarded enough. The war situation was inverted and the invaders were defeated. A joint communique of truce was issued on June 5 that year. There were 102 items on it. Since the weapon sold well, the scientist earned a lot of money. Thus he was involved in trouble. The government began to investigate his invisible earning. Taxation was the main issue in the investigation. The scientist was isolated in a special room. The investigation was all right in itself but it went on too long. Five months later, the scientist was acquitted.
Pete's parents divorced when he was studying at a junior middle school. Pete gave up his study. To earn money, he put on sport jacket and then danced jazz in the street. But his income only could afford a jar of orange juice. He felt jealous of rich people, especially a Jewish woman. She was a jolly woman. Every one could see the joy in her smiling face. But Pete though she had a proud jaw only because she wore jewelry! Some guys taught Pete to speak jargon and how to steal! One night, Pete went jogging and he saw the Jewish woman walk alone! He robbed of her jewel! The woman defended herself with a knife. She cut his wrist so badly that blood jetted out. Pete fled in a hurry. On the way, he hurt his ankle joint. Pete tried to leave on a jet plane. But it was late. He was arrested and put into a jail. The police knew that his motive was jealousy. But in the name of justice, all men should be equal before laws. Nothing could justify Pete's robbery. The jury passed judgment on Pete. He was judged guilty. A journalist heard of Pete's story, he wanted to interview him. As a journalist of a famous journal, he journeyed frequently. He drove a car to the jail. But he was held for an hour in a traffic jam. The traffic jam happened at a highway junction. In the car, the journalist began to think what caused Pete to be a criminal.
Mr. Hughes was cleaning a keyboard in the kitchen when the telephone rang. It was from his daughter's kindergarten. The kid was kidnapped when she was flying the kite! Mr. Hughes kept down his voice to answer the phone. His wife was knitting. He kept the news back. Mr. Hughes asked the "Flying Tiger team for help. This team was known as the best team in the police office. Every team member had enough knowledge to keep a hostage from being killed. The kidnappers asked for ransom. The Flying Tiger set out. Mr. Hughes kept up with them. Their car kept up high speed for several kilometers before they arrived. A policeman knotted the pieces of string together then he climbed up the house. Another one turned the doorknob but it was locked. So he gave the door a kick then knocked it down. The gunfight began. A kidnapper poured one or two kilogram kerosene on the floor from a kettle. He fired it. But the fire could not keep back the policemen. They kept off the fire and kept on moving on. A policeman shot at the kidnapper. The latter tried to keep out of the way of the bullet but it still hit his kidney. He knelt down on his knees. One by one, all the kidnappers were knocked out. Mr. Hughes turned on a lamp of 1 kilowatt. He was keen on seeing his daughter. His daughter was alive! The next week, Mr. Hughes kept to his promise. He took his daughter to the park, Animal Kingdom.
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